Work Horse: From an Amish Farm to the NFL Gridiron by

Ebooks download gratis pdf Work Horse: From an Amish Farm to the NFL Gridiron

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  • Work Horse: From an Amish Farm to the NFL Gridiron
  • Page: 150
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781737749806
  • Publisher: Zach Olstad

Work Horse: From an Amish Farm to the NFL Gridiron

Ebooks download gratis pdf Work Horse: From an Amish Farm to the NFL Gridiron

His unlikely journey is a roadmap for every dreamer. From an Amish farm to the stadium lights of the National Football League, Zach Olstad's path to success was no sprint to the endzone. Every yard gained and lost was a lesson. Every play was an exercise, a dance of both mind and muscle, of progress and pain. Every step was a stumble forward to eventually finding he was more than his aspirations. The farm fundamentals of his youth shaped Olstad's foundation. The practical sensibilities of his Amish neighbors, combined with the daily work ethic of his hard-working family taught the Minnesota boy how to live without; how to do more with less. And when his weary working day was done, he dreamed of Football. Slowly Zach turned his obsession into tangible possession. As if driven by an unseen force, he pushed himself past his own perceived limits. Even when it seemed his dream would take forever at best, he bench-pressed the heavy weight of his long wait, and in the process developed both the sinew of his physique and the power of his patience. Possessing nothing, not even a scholarship, Olstad took on both his college classes, his coaches, and even the persistent pain of countless game injuries. Despite every obstacle, the farm boy allowed 'nothing' to block his path - his relentless work horse furrow down the field. The founding principles he learned directed him. The slow burn of his patient persistence kept the fire within him alive. Every disappointment reminded him; every defeat, refined him. Until finally, fullback Zach Olstad found himself in a uniform of buffalo bill blue, standing on his stadium field of dreams. His unlikely journey is a roadmap for every dreamer... who is willing to be a Work Horse.

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